Trump Files Motion for Judge to Recuse Herself on 2020 Election Case


U.S. President Donald Trump holds a joint news conference with Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri in the Rose Garden at the White House July 25, 2017 in Washington, DC.
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Former President Donald Trump has recently filed a motion requesting that Judge Tanya Chutkan recuse herself from presiding over his 2020 election interference case.

The motion alleges that Chutkan, who was appointed by Obama, suggested in other cases that Trump should be prosecuted and imprisoned, which Trump’s lawyers believe to be “inherently disqualifying.” They believe that despite Chutkan’s possible intentions to give Trump a fair trial, her public statements could unavoidably affect the proceedings, regardless of the outcome.

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The motion refers to comments Chutkan made during a case she heard in October 2022 involving a January 6 defendant, Christine Priola, where Chutkan stated: “[T]he people who mobbed that Capitol were there in fealty, in loyalty, to one man — not to the Constitution…not to the ideals of this country; and not to the principles of democracy.”

In December 2021, Chutkan reportedly told Jan. 6 defendant Robert Scott Palmer, “the people who exhorted you and encouraged you and rallied you to go and take action and to fight have not been charged.”. Trump’s legal team believes these comments suggest bias.

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Trump was indicted on August 1 on four counts related to his alleged attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election. Chutkan set the trial date for March 4, 2024, which is one day before Super Tuesday.


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