American Social Media May Be More Dangerous than TikTok


TikTok To Be Banned From UK Government Phones
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You may have heard that TikTok is the biggest threat to your freedom, but let me tell you, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat are far more dangerous. Big Tech’s unholy alliance with the deep state and powerful corporations is the real threat to constitutional self-government in America.

Elon Musk’s “Twitter Files” exposed the FBI’s role as a liaison between social media companies and federal agencies, leading to the unconstitutional censorship and political targeting of Americans. The deep state even used Twitter to interfere in the 2020 presidential election, with conservatives being the primary victims of shadowbanning.

These days, major social media platforms have abandoned their role as digital town squares. Instead, they’re used by our overlords to control the narrative and maintain a one-party system. TikTok, owned by Chinese company ByteDance, boasts a massive American user base and isn’t beholden to the American deep state.

This is evident because U.S. intelligence agencies and politicians from both sides of the aisle want to ban TikTok. The proposed RESTRICT Act, also known as “PATRIOT Act 2.0,” would allow the Federal Commerce Department to ban social media platforms like TikTok without oversight, in the name of “national security.”

The “disinformation” fear campaign is a transparent effort by the federal government to regain control over the narrative. When the state isn’t the arbiter of truth, its credibility is threatened. This is why the government infiltrated Big Tech and wants to destroy the companies it can’t control.

Sure, TikTok poses unique risks to Americans, and it isn’t immune to censorship. But for conservatives, it’s arguably better than American tech companies, which are uniquely positioned to attack the right and free thinkers. The fact-checking regime doesn’t have control over TikTok, and every level of the federal government wants it gone for their benefit, not the American people’s.

“TikTok is no worse and, for conservatives, arguably better than American tech companies, which are uniquely positioned to attack the right and any free-thinking individual who correctly criticizes the American state or its corporate allies. China has different political goals with its internet manipulation efforts than the U.S. deep state: The former views American conservatives as one of many competing ideological groups to use to push social chaos in the United States while the latter views American conservatives as “domestic terrorists.”

China allows conservative content on TikTok not because it cares about free expression in America, but to sow discord and collect data on Americans. Still, the comparative freedom TikTok offers is a good thing for American users.

Free expression is our defense against the increasing despotism in our country. Banning TikTok sets a dangerous precedent, allowing the government to eliminate any apps they deem “dangerous.” Remember Benjamin Franklin’s words: “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

All major social media companies have their flaws, but conservatives enjoy a markedly freer user experience on TikTok compared to platforms controlled by the deep state and corporations that despise them. Without competing platforms like TikTok, the information ecosystem is regulated solely by partisan Big Tech executives, corporations, and the U.S. government, leading to the death of free speech in America’s digital public square.


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