Organizations Funding American Islamic Extremism Revealed


Demonstrators with Palestinian flags gather to show their support for the recent Hamas attack against Israel on October 9, 2023 in Munich, Germany.
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Antifa anarchists and Islamist extremists are united by a shared goal of overthrowing the United States constitutional republic and its institutions that enforce law and order.

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One such organization, Stop Cop City, has cast a Soros-esque web of influence across America through crowdfunded donations. The money-laundering leaders of this Antifa-aligned organization poured tens of thousands of dollars into the coffers of an advocate for Islamist extremism, investigative think tank Capital Research Center discovered.

61 militant anarchists have been indicted on conspiracy charges under Georgia’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act following the state’s investigation into far-left militants opposing the construction of an 85-acre first responder training facility for police and firefighters in the Greater Atlanta area. The destructive efforts, dubbed the “Stop Cop City” movement, had already led to dozens of violent Antifa-associated suspects being charged with domestic terrorism.

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Three of those accused are organizers of the Atlanta Solidarity Fund, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit branch of the Network for Strong Communities that posts bail for jailed left-wing rioters. Marlon Scott Kautz, Adele MacLean, and Savannah D. Patterson have been slapped with money laundering and charity fraud allegations for using the bail fund to funnel cash toward Defend the Atlanta Forest, an anti-police coalition formed to occupy the forested land owned by the Atlanta Police Foundation.

The Network for Strong Communities acts as the “fiscal host” for the Forest Justice Defense Fund, a financial arm of the occupiers’ operations. The activists allegedly had access to millions of dollars to buy ammunition, surveillance technology, drones, camping equipment, rope, and climbing tools, among other costs like funding legal aid for co-conspirators.

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Cop killer Al-Amin, an imprisoned ex-imam convicted of murder for shooting two Georgia sheriff’s deputies, rose to notoriety in the 1960s for his inflammatory rhetoric. He “rules over” a Muslim separatist militia, Ummah (“the brotherhood”), comprised mostly of African-American converts to Islam. The group’s primary mission is to establish a separate, sovereign Islamic state (‘The Ummah’) within the borders of the United States, governed by Sharia law.

Ummah’s ringleader, Luqman Ameen Abdullah, was killed in a shootout with FBI agents and advocated for “the spread of Islam through violent jihad” against the U.S. and law enforcement. Abdullah and his followers saw themselves as soldiers at war against the United States government and non-Muslims. Abdullah’s mosque in Michigan reportedly doubled as a jihadi training compound where children were indoctrinated and abused.

The Jericho Movement, another endorser of the Stop Cop City campaign, demands amnesty for political prisoners held in the United States. The committee includes Jalil Abdul Muntaqim, a founder of the Jericho Movement who was recently released from prison after serving nearly 50 years for his involvement in the killing of two New York Police Department officers, and Ashanti Alston, a member of the Jericho Movement’s Steering Committee who went to prison for robbing a bank to finance the Marxist-Leninist underground Black Liberation Army.

Addameer, a West Bank-based affiliate of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), is another partner of the Jericho Movement. The PFLP was designated by the United States as a terrorist organization in 2021. Also in 2021, the Israeli Ministry of Defense declared Addameer a “terror organization” because it “constitutes an inseparable arm” of the PFLP and operates on behalf of the Popular Front.

The anti-American Islamist extremist Sankore Institute of Islamic African Studies International (SIIASI) links to Jericho on its “Confederation” site, condemning peaceful Muslim moderates who oppose the Islamist ideology. Both the Jericho Movement and SIIASI champion Al-Amin’s release and advocate for the freeing of two terrorists linked to al-Qaeda: Aafia Siddiqui and Tarek Mehanna, who are serving years in federal prison for conspiring to kill Americans and U.S. allied forces while overseas.


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