Missouri School Board Rescinds 'Marxist' Anti-Racism Policy


A woman holds a no gender theory sign outside of Luther Jackson Middle School in Falls Church, Va. on July 14, 2022. Groups have been protesting the school board over critical race theory, Family Life Education (FLE), and other issues.
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The Francis Howell School Board in St. Louis, Missouri, with its new conservative majority, has rescinded an anti-racism resolution that they believe to have fostered elements of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Marxist ideology.

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The resolution, part of a wider trend among American school boards in 2020 to emphasize anti-racism initiatives, ostensibly aimed to promote racial healing and create a more “equitable” system. Despite this, the school board’s vice president, Randy Cook, argued against such resolutions, telling the Daily Caller News Foundation, “I do not feel the school district needs a resolution against every evil in society that we are against, such as racism.”

His stance is reflective of the perspective of the Francis Howell Families, a political action committee that played a significant role in electing the conservative majority on the board. They contended that the anti-racism resolution helped promote CRT and Marxism in the classroom.

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CRT, a controversial concept in educational circles, posits that America is fundamentally racist and encourages the examination of social interactions and institutions through the lens of race. Critics argue that it fosters division and undermines objective truth and meritocracy.

Cook explained there are currently no plans to replace the revoked anti-racism resolution. This comes amidst ongoing debates across the country about how best to approach discussions of race and privilege in schools. For instance, a California school district recently tasked a Black Lives Matter Task Force with educating students about the daily effects of white privilege and implicit bias.

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Cook further elaborated on his position, asserting, “In my opinion, the school board doesn’t need to be in the business of dividing the community. We just need to stick to the business of educating students here and stay out of the national politics.”


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