Report: White House Cocaine May Have Belonged to Someone in Biden's Orbit


Alkaloid substance as cocaine white powder lines with Euro notes is seen in this photo illustration. On 9 August 2023 in Brussels, Belgium.
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After the discovery of a bag of cocaine in the White House last month, recent reports indicate possible connections to someone within the “Biden family orbit.” Shockingly, President Joe Biden might be aware of the person in question.

This claim originates from Soldier of Fortune publisher Susan Katz Keating, who cites three security sources in her report, even going as far as texting a number associated with President Biden to uncover the truth.

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While the Secret Service has already publicly declared that they’ve shut down the investigation due to a “lack of physical evidence,” Keating suggests otherwise. She says that the authorities had enough leads to identify a suspect and felt confident enough to brief the president. “If you want the name, ask Joe Biden,” one source reportedly told Keating, adding, “He knows who it is.”

Contrary to popular speculation, a source said, “It was someone within the Biden family orbit, and it wasn’t Hunter,” referring to the president’s son, who has previously admitted to battling drug addiction.

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Keating’s efforts to reach President Biden via text were unsuccessful, as messages were marked “Not Delivered.” The New York Post tried the same and received an automated response linked to the Community messaging platform. Interestingly, the White House had announced in July that President Biden joined this platform, designed for celebrities to communicate directly with the general public.

Amid these revelations, many wonder how a drug like cocaine could find its way into one of the world’s most secure buildings. Questions arise on security protocols and the individuals who have access to the West Wing.

Anthony Guglielmi, a Secret Service spokesman, has vehemently denied claims suggesting that the agency identified the owner of the cocaine. He stated, “The Secret Service does not know who transported the small bag of cocaine into the White House.”

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Keating expressed her intent behind contacting the White House via text. She said, “I am getting a lot of good information from sources, but I have to give the White House / Biden the opportunity to respond.”

The discovery of the drug has triggered various responses. Critics, especially Republicans and other detractors of President Biden, are in disbelief. The rapid conclusion of the public investigation and law enforcement’s seeming inability to pinpoint the offender have been met with skepticism.

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Former President Donald Trump commented on the matter during a rally in New Hampshire, stating, “I wonder where that cocaine came from, what happened? That was the quickest investigation I’ve ever seen.”

Last month, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre responded to questions on the incident, emphasizing that the Biden family was not present at the White House during the period in question. However, speculation continues as the substance was found just two days before Independence Day, and President Biden, accompanied by Hunter, had departed for Camp David just before the discovery.

This isn’t the first time drugs have been linked to the White House during Biden’s administration. Last year, traces of marijuana were detected, and five staff members were previously terminated over past marijuana use.


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